Drive Through Collection

Super convenient and easy to use, we have Melbourne's first ever Cake Drive Through Collection service and it's contactless too!

Available to use for all of our customers with a pre-paid order. 

To access our drive through service, turn off Chapel Street into Daly Street. The Olsen Hotel sits on the corner of Chapel Street Street and Daly Street.

Once in Daly Street, turn immedialty right into the Olsen Hotel driveway and follow the lane down to our back door.

We have a blue/grey roller door and you will also see a little B&P sign.

When you reach this point please call us on 9827 7060 and we will bring your order to your car.

Please don't use the door bell, we can't hear it in the retail area.

To ensure strict social distance measures please open your boot and return to your car. Our team will place your order in the boot and ensure it doesn't slide around by placing grip mat underneath the boxes or bags.

Please note: on cetain days, you may see a road closed sign when you enter the lane. Please do not let this deter you. You will still be able to reach our back door 🙂